Thursday, December 31, 2009

Downtown Dining in Lynchburg

We are very fortunate to live just blocks from the historic downtown area of Lynchburg. There is much to see and do and if you love architecture this is the place to explore. Having great food and being able to enjoy it in one of our historic buildings is what locals and especially our guests look forward to as they explore the many great eating places downtown has to offer.

We created the map below for our guests but hope the many locals that read our blog will use to explore the different cuisines that our downtown eateries have to offer. My goal in January is to write a review on each of the restaurants that are featured on this map. Many people start the new year with a resolution to eat less and exercise more, but if I'm going to make my goal of reviewing all of these restaurants then I need to really exercise a lot since I won't be eating less.

If you have a favorite restaurant that is not listed on the map (and is not a chain restaurant) and is easily accessible to the Downtown area, then let me know so I can try it out and perhaps put it on our map.

At the bottom of the map, click " View Dining in Lynchburg-Downtown and surrounding area in a larger map" to get a full screen view of the map or click above.

Happy New Year to all.

Kathy and Mike, Innkeepers
The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast

View Dining in Lynchburg-Downtown and surrounding area in a larger map

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ice Sculptures

It rained last week and then it turned cold. Not surprising, this is December. Yesterday morning I grabbed my camera and walked the three blocks to the trails at Black Water Creek to see what ice sculptures mother nature created the night before.

Guests of The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast often hike the trails of Black Water Creek. The hike is easy and most of the trails are paved or marked making this a great place to jog or ride a bike. It doesn't make any difference what time of year it is, there is always something to see.

If you are hiking and get off the path, as I did to take these photos, make sure you wear the proper footwear. I stepped in some water and my sneakers got wet and before too much longer my toes were as cold as the ice sculptures I was admiring.

Today it is raining and cold (but above freezing) and this would be a great opportunity to get some great shots, but after yesterday's adventure of frozen toes, I'm going to stay inn and read the Sunday paper. This afternoon we will be touring homes in Diamond Hill that are decorated for the holidays, then off to a party at the Old City Cemetery. There is just too much to do and see around Lynchburg. Enjoy the last couple of shots.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas at Point of Honor

Yesterday admission fees to Point of Honor were waived to enable the public to get a rare glimpse of Christmas in the early 1800’s. Each year the dedicated staff at Point of Honor spends countless hours decorating the home of Dr. George Cabell, Patrick Henry’s personal physician, for the holidays. Yesterday over 500 people toured the house. The public is not allowed to photograph the interior (a common policy for museums) which is why you won’t see postings of multiple interior photos on this blog posting so you will just have to go there in person to see the holiday decorations. There are some great (non-holiday) photos and lots of history on Point of Honor’s website.

As you drive up to Point of Honor you won’t see metal or plastic reindeer or Santa’s sled lit up with lights, exterior lights will not outline the building, nor will you see a Christmas tree decorating the home. These holiday decorations are modern day displays of the Christmas season. What you will see is garland (the real stuff, straight off a pine tree) wrapped around the front door. Upon entering the home you will see more Christmas greenery and candles around the interior doors in the entry foyer and greenery on the banister going to the rooms upstairs. Keep in mind that in 1815 times were simpler and we couldn’t run to Walmart to purchase all that mass produced stuff from China that we use to decorate our homes today so Dr. Cabell, his family and staff used materials that were native to the area that they gathered from the grounds around his home.

One of the main focal points is the dining room. The table is set with period china and flatware and a typical holiday feast which includes fried apple pies, bread pudding, carrots, beets, oysters, chestnut stuffing, roast venison, pan fried rock fish, hoe cakes and sugar embellishments. With special permission I was able to take this photo (above right). Meals at the Cabell’s home were prepared in the kitchen out back using a fireplace as the stove/oven (right).

The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast is located just two blocks from Point of Honor and our guests just love taking the tour of this magnificent home. As part of the Lynchburg Museum System you can purchase a ticket to tour the home or a combination ticket to tour the home and the museum in the old courthouse at the top of the steps of Monument Terrace on Court Street. We highly recommend both tours to our guests as well as locals interested in learning more about our wonderful city’s past. One special note about the old courthouse, the bell on the clock in the bell tower started ringing again this past Saturday at the opening of the Christmas Parade down the street of downtown Lynchburg. The old clockworks are scheduled to be on display in the museum sometime next year.